About Me

Thanks for visiting my page. I hope you will enjoy my writings. Maybe I will search a really serious and important sentence like an ars poetic to write here. But I haven’t decided yet. You should check it later.

From where?

Hi, I am Sárközi Andrea, nice to meet you. A Hungarian girl from Ukraine, with identity from both cultures. Hungarian and Ukrainian. Yeah, I am quite aggressive, and drink a lot. The stereotypes are true. I was born in Bodoliv, which is an extremely small village on the edge of Ukraine, near the Hungarian-Ukrainian border. It’s absolutely Hungarian, like the whole close area, so I hadn’t had any success in learning the language of Ukrainian, however, I have been studying it from age of 6. But the ethos of the country formed me a lot, it caused that when somebody calls me „the Ukrainian girl”, I just smile back. I have been living studying and working in Budapest since  I was 17 years old. 

Who am I?

I work as a fairy. Yeah, literally, It’s not a joke, I have certificate and everything. Every little girl’s dream came true in my life. I work with experimental pedagogy, and we call our job this way in my company called Adventures and Dreams (seriously). Mostly I work with children or young adults, but the palette of my experiences is really wide: from age 8 to 60. By the way, I study pedagogy of higher education, and also I’m interested in pedagogy and psychology as well. Equality of opportunity, sexual pedagogy, gender studies, and education of special needs and disadvantages are the most important subjects for me. Additionally, since age 12 I was working in the reformed church as presenter, organizer, youth team leader.

What am I doing now?

And now I am volunteering in Argentina at a residence for young mothers, and when I can, travelling in Latin-America. To tell the truth, mostly to the boundaries. Because this is my life at all: playing with the boundaries in every sense of the wor(l)d. From my home to my second home, and my third home…. I like to discover places, which aren’t the tops of the guide books, and I like to invent’ my own, magic world everywhere. I am glad if I can share it with you. I am extremely happy if you want it.

My enthusiasm?

I always keep a book in my bag, even when I go to a party. In love with the stupid political news. The life is better with background music. Taking photos about stanger’s natural look. Being diabolic happy when it’s raining or storming, and everybody so sad around me. Unpacking persons like chrismast gifts. Drawing weird things when I am nervous. My fairy-job. Writing. The smell and every feeling from the past. When a food so delicious, so teardrops are appearing in my eyes. Cooking at nights. Getting letter. Discovering or inventing something new and unexpectable. Movies in every f.cking sense. When I have flow during sport. Noticing tiny, stupid things in my trips, and sharing with someone. The grey, old, huge buildings with mist. Gipsy, Russian and Mexican culture (if you find some mix from these, please send me). Sexual art. And etc… If you want more, search me.