Buenos Aires, baby!

I believe, there are moments, that aren’t given to everyone. Those moments are shining so brigthly from the ordinary moments, because come after a deep darkness. When you are feel totally alone for 5 months, and suddenly your sister and your friend are just appears at the airport… That’s a perfectly unique moment! And you are crying, even if you are not used to, and can’t believe that it’s really happening. But it isn’t the main thing, because Buenos Aires in one week… Huge mission, but challenge accepted!

I had arrived on Monday, my sister just on Wednesday, so I had plus two days to discover the public transport, the interesting places, and to enjoy my private programs 😉 My dear host warned me, that one week isn’t enough for this city, but he wished me good luck. Never give up, I can do it! So here is my short guide to the rapid-trip:

Arriving to the big and busy Retiro station, the city just devours me so strongly. I can walk just like a snail from Sponge Bob, a lot of sunglasses everywhere, people continuously offering me totally useless things, like Mickey Mouse-socks, or colouring markers. They are mostly African street sellers with loud folklore music. A little child runs over to me, a fat Latina lady laughing into my face…so just like always..you know. Finally, I arrive to the metro station, so I hope, I can breathe. Yes, If I bring my own oxygen. By the way, the metro transport is well organized, you can reach everything in the city with it, and the stations are so beautiful. However it’s too hot without fresh air, so I think you will enjoy it.

Our first destination is the Italia square, because from here, you can reach easily a lot of spectacle by walking (but you have to choose comfortable shoes, because the distances is so f.cking gigantic). But when you are walking at the Botanic Garden, you will find your peace, and God. I am sure, you won’t be able to leave that Paradise. However you have to, because the Japanese Garden, and the Garden of Roses are waiting for you. The Japanese Garden is quite cheap, just 95 peso, and full of beauties of the nature. Strongly advised to buy fortune cookies too, or to write your wish to the great wall. The Garden of the Roses is free and amazing with a beautiful lake inside, and endless rose plants. One of my favourite, you mustn’t miss it! On your way out you can visit the 3 of February Park, and eat a typical tourist-sandwich, which are sold by kind, old macho Latinos’. If you are lucky, and it’s open, you also have to see the Planetarium, unfortunately, I wasn’t that lucky. 🙁

When the sun goes down, you should go to the May square, and take a look to the Pink House at night. It’s wonderful, and so close to the Puerto Madero, which is one of the most beautiful parts of the city. Just at night, with the shining lights, the buildings are like diamonds, it’s unforgettable sight.

Next day, go to the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Museum of Latin-American Art. It’s simply brilliant, and to stand in front of a Picasso, or a Monet, is not an ordinary experience. For me Modigliani, Degas, Goya, and Kandinsky also. In the other museum you can meet with Frida Kahlo, or Diego Rivera. Unfortunately, I had to miss it. For now.

It’s worth to continiously watch out for the good offers from the restaurants, because for a very cheap price you can get a so incredibly delicious lunch, that you have to cry. I mean, really. I cried.

The gigantic Floraris Genérica with 23 meters is located close to the museums, so you can take a short walk and visit the pure magic. I think it’s a perfect place for a cute date, if you want, and if you have somebody to bring.

La Boca. Awesome, genius, the whole Argentina in one small place. Brave crazy colours, you can hear their loud voices. Dancing couples in every second corner, you might be amused by the creativity of the poor neighbourhood. You should buy the souvenirs here, because it’s cheaper than the city center, and you can find everything you want. Aaaand you must taste the chorypan and enjoy it near the Rio de la Plata.

If you think, that the Recoleta cemetery will be a sentimental experience, you will get shocked, like my sister. Because it’s not just the feeling of standing by the grave of Evita, it’s like a beautiful, mysterious, extraordinary village of mausoleums. You should read something about the cult of the dead too, it isn’t as interesting as in Mexico, but for a european person still astounding.

After this tiring day, everybody needs some delicious food, but before 20.00 you won’t get lucky. In my view, you should search restaurants in San Telmo, because it’s not so expensive, but really-really delicious.

One of the biggest must in Buenos Aires is the market in San Telmo. Full of antiquity, independent artists, local producers, and every great and delicious thing, that you want. However you might be lost in the crowd, it has a cool feeling with tango, music and the fragrance of the dulce de leche.

In my point of view you have to spend all day in these streets, because San Telmo is a perfect destination if you want to feel some Latina magic. Kind, little restaurants, cool bars, shouting people on the streets, loud music, cobble stones. When you are walking through the Perú and Florida, you can discover the alternative world of artists, and you can buy traffic warning light… If you want. And, I mean..why not?

To finish your rapid-trip you have to see the huge Obelisc, and taste some Fernet in a rustic bar.

Because it’s beautiful. And the Fernet is delicious. And Holy God, come to Buenos Aires already!

Other necessary advices:

  • You need a map, bro! You can get one at the station, and it’s useful, because it shows the metro lines, and you can organize your trip better than your phone (yes, I am quite oldschool).
  • Metro-card. Cheap, you can use it with your friends, so easy.
  • Bus stops are not existing at all. Just a little number on the wall, or something.
  • You should learn some words in Spanish, because the English is not enough for anything.
  • I stayed at a hostel, and honestly advice you to do the same (or couch). Living together with strangers from everywhere for a few days is a great opportunity. Cheap and friendly also. However is not a hotel, so you shouldn’ have huge expectations.
  • You have to read about the historical importance of the places. Now, I hadn’t time for writing about it, but I think it’s indispensable.
  • Speak with strangers on the street! Even if you need help, or not, it’s cool, and you can’t discover the city without the local people.
  • If you have questions, write me! 🙂

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